53-$ 40.000 hogar residencial para la venta de ejecución hipotecaria

Price: $40,000

No Offers presented days 1-7.Days 8-12 Owner,Municipalities and Non-Profit Organizations.Day 13+ all Offeres presented.Sold As Is,Where Is.Pool home needs lots of TLC.Do all inspections prior to making an Offer. Use FAR 8 As Is Contract and all Addendums along with Wells Fargo Pre-Qual,or Source of Funds.If Corp,Need Corps Docs along with Signatory Page,copy of Deposit Check and Driver’s License of Buyers.

LA: ¤958 TA: ¤958 YR: ¤1954/ RS CONV: N BED:2 FBATH: 1

We also offer full with Apogee New Dawn.

Full service construction can be done with USA Lending & Realty

For more information, contact UR- Farah at the following: 305-754-1000 or send an e-mail to farah@farahreacquistions.com

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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 Casa Familiares

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