36 – 72 Unidades de viviendas realizando nota

USA Lending and Realty just received a 72 unit apartment building note sale!! It is currently a performing note that was received on September 1st, 2011.

The sale consists of acquiring the 1st lien mortgage of this 72 unit apartment complex.

Vencimiento: 12/17/2023

Monto Original: $ 2,695,0000

Sin pagar Balance: $ 1.539.269

E-Visas franchise Real Estate and Non-Real Estate investment opporunity

We  offer full management services with Apogee New Dawn.

Full service construction can be done with USA Lending & Realty

The expenses, taxes and NOI will be delivered to the investor once PROOF OF FUNDS AND THE non-disclosure-agreement is signed and sent via fax (305) 967-7208 or e-mail ur-cousin@usalendingandrealty.com Only cash buyers.

For more information, contact UR-COUSIN Emile Fara at 305-754-1000 or send an e-mail to farah@farahreacquistions.com

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